Types of Antenna Cables for WiFi

For better signal reception in WiFi networks, you should place your WiFi antenna in the line of sight – and this typically means positioning the antenna high.  WiFi antenna cables such as an RPSMA cable, enable you to place the antenna wherever you wish, but you must be wary of the loss of signal in the cable: Thus you must keep the cable as short as possible. Though signal loss cannot be eliminated completely, your choice of antenna cable will determine how faster reception is. Thicker cables are better compared to thinner models because the thicker the cable the lower the signal loss. Simply put, a thicker cable provides a thicker layer to the cable’s inner core thereby shielding it from external noise. Here are types of WiFi antenna cables you can buy for your receiver.

Standard RG58U Cable

This the most common type of wire that comes will most antennas. It is not only cheap but its functionalities are worth noting as well. It also has a high velocity propagation and is mostly covered with a layer of copper and aluminum foil polyester.

Super Low Loss LMR40 Cable

This antenna cable is mostly suitable for use in harsh environmental applications. It is less flexible but is thicker a factor that makes it the best performing cable. It’s conductor is made of solid copper and the outer shield made of tinned copper braids.

Accessory Cable RG316

RGC316 antenna cable can withstand high operation temperatures of up to 200 degrees. Compared to other RG models, it is the most recommended cable because it has a low attenuation loss and has a higher shielding properties thanks its silver plaited copper braids. The cable’s inner core is also coated with stranded silver.

Low Loss LMR195 Cable

This antenna cable is a more suitable model as a substitute for the standard RG58 cable. It has a higher electrical shielding and weatherproof qualities with a much lower attenuation. The LMR195 amounts to a much lower signal loss compared to the standard versions.

All these antenna cables for WiFi perform at different levels and have different electrical and mechanical specifications too. They have different resistivity, nominal delays and velocity propagation.

4 tips when buying Wifi antennas in the market


How do you purchase the best Wifi antennas in the market? Majority of people always lack the tips needed when buying from the market. The following are some of the tips that you can use;

1. Choose reputable companies available in the market

You should always ensure that you purchase Wifi antennas from a reputable company offering the services in the market. You need to make sure that you get the best prices in the market. How should you do this? First, you need do your research on the internet through the reviews of customers who have bought these antennas. This will help you make the best choice in the market.

2. Do your market research and analysis

You should s do your research especially on the market on those companies, which sell these antennas in market. This will help get the best information that you require about these antennas. Moreover, this is also vital in the times when we have many companies that sell these antennas in market.

3. Seek advice from experts

You can seek assistance from those experts if you think you do not have experience that you can use whenever you are buying the best antennas available in the market. These experts always have got the required skills and expertise, which will assist you make the best choice compared to other buying options that you can use when saving in the market. In addition, never forget to ask them experts any important information, which will assist you make a perfect choice in the whole market.

4. Do your research over the internet

You should do your research especially on the internet on the perfect ways to use when buying the best Wifi antennas in the market. Remember that internet always has al information, which you might require if you want to make the best choice when buying.

Re-Position Antenna for Better Signal w/Extension Cables


The development of technology has enabled people to share files and network services within their personal computers and other gadgets. They do not need a router to achieve this function. In order to enjoy the services of this wireless internet connection, you must have a gadget that has a Wifi connection. There are antennas cables that are used to enhance such connections.

These types of connections are very significant in running businesses, and in educational matters. The institutions that are able to use these cables find it easier to share the internet usage. Several people rely on what they find online. This means that most individuals spend most of their time online finding information that is necessary for their daily lives. As long as the wifi antennas cables are properly installed, the signal can be shared without any issue. Wireless connections are very convenient given that computer users do not have to assemble in one point to use the internet. They can access it from anywhere within the set area. This helps in reducing congestion in some places.

There are only some few places that offer such quality antennas to customers. If you just purchase them from anywhere, you may have issues with your internet connection. It may sometimes be very slow. This can be very frustrating. The quality cables are designed to serve over a larger area.

Before acquiring any of these products, you must do some research and find out more details about the right product. The internet has a lot of details concerning these cables. As long as you visit the right website, you will find whatever you need to know. It is important to meet the needs of all the users within a particular area. For instance, if it is an institution the internet coverage should be adequate to serve everyone.